8 Round Group Fitness

8 Round Fitness is a hit with both existing and new clients because it’s fun and effective, it provides a sense of camaraderie gained from training with other like minded people. It provides a more social experience than a traditional ‘one to one’ session and the Trainers make the sessions enjoyable for all.

Our average session size is 6-10 clients and we keep it this way so that you get the quality instruction and monitoring that you would expect from a Personal Trainer at Kinetics.  We mix resistance work (bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, cables, medicine balls, suspension trainers) with body weight, core exercises and the all important fun of Kickboxing to give you a great, balanced workout that can increase your strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance and coordination. 

Combined with a healthy regular diet, the Group Personal Training programme can really give your body a lift, in a much shorter time than you may have thought possible due to the ability to attend several sessions per week.

You will have a Health and Fitness Assessment carried out by one of our Personal Trainers when you arrive, ensuring that the Group PT programme is suitable for you.  We then re-assess everyone a minimum of every 3 months so that we can track how effectively your dietary habits and training regime are towards eventual success. Bodyfat %, muscle mass, bodyweight, blood pressure and various other measurements are taken as part of this process, and we use all of the knowledge gained from the tests to guide you on the shortest pathway possible to attain your health and fitness goals.

We have a monthly payment option, a 6 month agreement and a 12 month agreement. Prices start from £39 per month (2 sessions per week) and £59 per month for (unlimited sessions).  

8 Round Fitness clients also get as part of the package;

  • unlimited access to our Gym which is a separate room adjacent to the Fitness Studio.  
  • online booking system using the Kinetics App.
  • access to our My zone Interval Training Sessions throughout the week.
  • access to cost price My Zone heart rate monitors and Energy tracking, the technology leaders within the Fitness industry providing motivational communication and challenges.

If you would like to be one of the lucky few to sign up for the exclusive bespoke programme’ before we start a waiting list, give us a call anytime and we will schedule a trial month for you to see what you think. 

Join the kinetics fitness evolution where calories are burned without exemption!!!